GO AHEAD!        

       GET AHEAD!


There are multiple factors that contribute to the overall quality of our lives. Our general well being is determined by both negative and positive aspects of life. are factors that contribute to the total sum of our life quality. The wheel of life breaks down the major life aeas that have the most influence on our happiness into the following 8 sections.

1. Finances- Money Management, Credit Repair 

2. Health (both physical and mental)

3. Personal Growth and Learning 

4. Career 

5. Recreation and Leisure

6. Home and Family (Environment)

7. Spirituality

8. Social Belonging

 Although most of the time the sections won't be balanced, each section is important and if you are not thriving in one section it can make the other sections sick. Each section is a main category and there are main categories within each section.  Recreation and Leisure includes use of time. Family and Friends both fall under Relationships,  Home is your environment and employment falls under Career. So you can see the connection.